Employers are finding it even harder to find employees these days, every business from the small independent companies to even the larger companies. One of the main reasons, and I think it's a pretty obvious one, is the extra unemployment benefits that are going out as part of President's Joe Biden American Rescue Plan.

According to WGRZ, Buffalo Niagara Partnership President and CEO Dottie Gallagher believe that the need for skilled workers goes back before the COVID-19 pandemic actually struck, but because of the timing, of it all, a massive amount of jobs became available.

If you go back pre-pandemic there were a lot of open jobs that were difficult to fill in a lot of different industry sectors, that is now basically resurfaced with some added pressure.

said, Dottie Gallergher.

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Why Is It Still Hard To Get People Back To Work?

Well, many people are still receiving unemployment benefits, and when you add the cost of daycare or a babysitter, for most people it is still more beneficial to stay at home. There is also a fear factor as well, we know that more people are getting vaccinated, but know that masks mandates are being lifted in New York State, there are still some employees with concerns.

What Are Companies Doing To Get Employees Back?

Companies like M&T Bank and Moog and recruiting for premium positions, and they are also starting to offer increased wages and flexible hours. Some small businesses that are not closing due to the lack of workers working are starting to offer different incentives as well.

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