Hockey fans in Western New York have been waiting for some sort of good news after the blah season the Buffalo Sabres had this past season. There was a couple of news items from Wednesday that may be just what the hockey doctors have ordered.

Not only did the Buffalo Sabres win the chance to have the first overall pick in the National Hockey League draft, there is a player from Hamburg who also has plenty to be excited about.

This certainly is exciting for Buffalo and for the fans of hockey and the kids who play in the Western New York area. One of the best players in recent years is also a native of the Buffalo area. Patrick Kane grew up playing on the ice rinks around Buffalo when he first got started. Just about every hockey mom or dad has the hopes that their kid will be the next Kane and it looks like there is a good start for Quentin Musty.

As far as the NHL draft, there is speculation that the Buffalo Sabres may trade their pick and take an established NHL player who can help the team right away. Either way, there are a couple of things for fans to get rallied for!

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