New York's governor gave New Yorkers some grim news when it comes to the more contagious Delta variant.

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Incoming NY Governor Kathy Hochul Gives First Press Conference After Cuomo's Resignation
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On Wednesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul updated New Yorkers on the state's progress combating COVID-19. 2.62 percent of all tests came back positive in the previous 24 hours. The 7-day positivity rate is also 2.91 percent.

The Hudson Valley's COVID positivity rate remains higher than the state's. The Mid-Hudson Region's positivity rate is 2.92 percent. The North Country has the highest COVID positivity rate in New YOrk at 5.85 percent.

Despite the state's positivity rate continuing to decline, Hochul warns the more contagious Delta variant is spreading fast in New York.

Coney Island's Luna Park Reopens After 18-Month Mandated Closure During Coronavirus Pandemic
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"The Delta variant is sweeping through the state, causing a surge in COVID cases in our communities," Hochul said. "It's up to us to prevent our progress against the virus from being undone."

New York Lt Governor Kathy Hochul Visits New York City School
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Hochul reported 30 more New Yorkers died from COVID bringing the total deaths reported from COVID in New York to 56,371. 315 New Yorkers were admitted to the hospital. 2,352 New Yorkers are currently hospitalized with COVID with 560 in ICU and 325 in ICU with intubation.


Hochul confirmed 82.9 percent of all New Yorkers 18 and older have received at least one vaccine while 74.4 percent have completed their vaccine series. 70.2 percent of all eligible New Yorkers have at least one vaccine dose.

"It is crucial that we stay vigilant. Wash your hands, wear a mask and get vaccinated," Hochul said.

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