Word is, Governor Andrew Cuomo is among the top picks to be the Attorney General under the Biden Administration. Do you think he's a good choice?

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It looks like all the attention New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has received during the coronavirus pandemic, might pay off for him politically. According to WKBW, he is among the top choices to be President-elect Joe Biden's Attorney General. An unnamed person with insight into the search process gave the information to the Associated Press. He's going up against three other contenders for the job. Former Alabama Senator Doug Jones, judge Merrick Garland and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates are the other top choices. Do you think Biden should appoint Gov. Cuomo as his Attorney General?

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At the moment, Gov. Cuomo is not the most liked person in New York. He's being sued by 38 salons, spas and barbershops here in Erie County. They are upset that they were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions that the State put in place. Those restrictions have been eased, as of today, December 11, 2020. Personal care businesses can reopen at 25 percent. Starting Monday, in New York City, restaurants will have to close their indoor dining.

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