A GoFundMe page has been set up for a Buffalo mother of three who saved an elderly disabled man's life during the blizzard. Chris Dearing, a co-worker of Joe, the elderly man, has set up the GoFundMe page to bless Sha’Kyra. Joe, who has worked at the North Park Theatre for 40 years, was rescued by Sha'Kyra and her boyfriend during the blizzard.

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As for Joe's condition, strangers who saw her video arrived at Sha'Kyra's house and helped clear her driveway so they could get Joe to Erie County Medical Center. Joe suffered degree burns from the frostbite. I pray for his speedy recovery.

The GoFundMe is up to $73,413 with a goal of $20,000! Sha'Kyra definitely deserves this blessing for saving Joe's life!


A Buffalo mother's video has gone viral after she found a 64-year-old elderly man walking around her street in distress and severely frostbitten. The woman can be seen in the video pleading for someone to come help the man. He and her boyfriend brought the mentally disabled man inside their home after hearing him screaming for help in the blizzard. The man is seen in the video suffering from severe frostbite on both his hands.

The woman said the man lives at a group home for the disabled. She says she called everyone, including the National Guard, trying to get someone to come help the man. The woman is in distress, pleading with viewers to share the video or come to her house to help her dig out her pickup truck. The woman was worried about the man losing his fingers or even dying in her home. She said her kids were scared, she was scared, and Joe, the elderly man, was scared.

My thoughts are with everyone who has lost someone this holiday weekend due to the blizzard.

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