"I'd like a shot and a beer please."

"What kind?"

"I'll have a Pfizer and a Fort Orange I.P.A. please"

If you're vaccinated the New York State Brewers Association would like to buy you a beer. According to their website, www.thinknydrinkny.com, you can receive one free beer at a participating NYS brewery with proof of receiving your first covid-19 vaccination during the month of June. The Shot and a Beer promotion runs through June 30th.

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In the Capital Region, there are three breweries listed including Argyle Brewing Company, Fort Orange Brewing, and SingleCut North. Other breweries are listed from all over the state. Of course, you must be 21 to get your free beer, you have to provide proof that you got your shot during June and it's up to the brewery as to what kinda and size complementary beer they give you.

The White House is also offering up free beer as a promotion to get people vaccinated in the month of June. President Biden announced today, Wednesday that the White House has teamed up with Anheuser-Busch, to buy Americans 21+ a round of beer once the vaccination rate of 70% is met. Currently, the US vaccination rate is just over 62%, but President Biden hopes that the 70% goal can be met by the 4th of July.

According to CBS News, the vaccination rates jump up with the announcements of new incentives so other incentives are being planned on a state level as well as a national level.

Personally, I think the incentives are great, I just wish they would include some of us that got the vaccination when we were first able to get the shot. In a weird way, I've heard people complain that those of us who are already vaccinated are kinda getting penalized because we didn't wait to get our shot.


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