Today (August 13), Mandella Markets is offering gas for 99 cents!  They'll also be giving away free produce.  Get all the details here.

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"Mandella Market is an MWBE that can supply your business or event gasoline, snacks, beverages, and other miscellaneous items!" ~ Mandella Market

Mandella Market is offering gas to the community in Buffalo for 99 cents per gallon! The deal applies to regular gas only for two hours, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm today, Thursday, August 13. They will also be handing out a free box of produce. You can take advantage of this limited time price and giveaway at the Mandella Market located at 272 E. Ferry St. This is not a WBLK sponsored event, we are just sharing the information Mandella Market provided us with.

With so many people hurting financially right now, due to losing jobs or income due to COVID-19, a break in gas prices is helpful. So is the box of produce. I've been watching the news and they are talking about how many people, not only in WNY, but across the country are suffering from food insecurities.

The gas event today will be held at the Ferry Street Mandella Market, but they also have another location at 525 Broadway in Buffalo. Mandella Market is a minority-owned business.

"Mr. Ahmed Saleh Nasser arrived in the United States of America from the East African nation of Eritrea in 1995 as a non-English speaking refugee. He was without family or friends, seeking a safe place to pursue a livelihood and achieve his goals of becoming a businessman."

You can visit Mandella Market's website or get more info about them on Facebook.

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