Separate White-only and Black-only proms have been a tradition for far too long in Wilcox County, Ga. But finally, the Class of 2013 had the option to party with their friends, regardless of race. Find out how four progressive students changed history! 

When I came across this story on the sidebar of a blog, I thought, "This must be an old story from the '80s!"

But it's true: 50 years after Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech, Southern Georgia still practices segregation in the school's senior proms. Every year, the parents fund two "Separate but Equal" proms. There are reports that there was a bi-racial student that attempted to attend the White-only party and was turned away!

Disgusted that the adults in the community were promoting this racial divide, two white students and two black students came together to fund raise for the first ever "Integrated Prom"!

The event started on Facebook and has close to 30,000 likes! They raised so much money that not only did the girls put on a killer prom, they have started a scholarship fund!


But this was no fairy tale ball. The girls report putting up posters for the integrated prom and having them torn down by other students. The result? Only half of the student body attended the event.

There was a still a White-only prom held one week before the historic "Massacred Ball In Paris"-themed prom. The school is now considering having an all-student prom next year.

I am so happy and proud of this senior class for stepping up and fighting for equality! Be inspired by this story and go for what you know!!

And remember my motto -- "With Love, All Things Are Possible"!

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