One of my Personal Legends, actually born on my Birthday, January 12....has left us. It's pretty shocking since he was just here in Buffalo this past November!  I had always longed to see George Duke, one of my Music Idols, and I was so excited when I saw he was coming to Buff State!  Nothing could keep me from that show ...and nothing did!  If you weren't there it was one of the MOST MEMORABLE concerts I've ever witnessed.

I knew George Duke was a phenomenal talent, but when I saw him LIVE ... WOW!!!!... The impossible happened... He was EVEN MORE TALENTED than I ever imagined...and I imagined him being The Best!!!!...Now Imagine that!  He sang, he played, he told stories about Miles Davis, he joked, he serenaded the ladies...and after all that he was nice enough to come into the lobby and meet anyone who cared to stand in line to meet this legend and have him sign autographs or just shake his hand.  I was in that long line and waited to be last and was able to successfully get a picture with my Legendary Music Hero... I had been listening to George Duke since I was about 18 years-old.  So not only did I get to finally see him perform...I was actually able to meet him, shake his hand, and take a picture with him!!!!! PHENOMENAL!!!!!!

If you know George Duke...or even if you're unfamiliar: Here's my Personal VIDEO TRIBUTE to a Legend Who We've Lost But Will NEVER Be Forgotten!!!!

R.I.P. Mr. George Duke:  January 12, 1947 - August 5, 2013