The 40th Annual American Music Awards was filled with performances from Justin, Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera, even my girl Kerry Washington (Scandals' Oliva Pope) made an appearance.


But it was the show's closing performance by Korean YouTube Sensation PSY f/ MC Hammer, that had the crowd gone wild, Gangnam Style. Check the "2 Legit to Quit" mash-up inside! 

Nicki Minaj raps about Freedom in this beautiful winter wonderland set. Too bad she get caught lip synching instead of singing!

Christina Aguilera, on the other hand, sings her heart out on "Let there be love". But her performance is overshadowed by the rainbow bright backup dancers labeled "Freak, Weird and Queen". I don't know if the AMAs was ready for all that!

Now here is a performance, even a hater can't hate on! MC Hammer might have relaunched his career with this one! #2Legit2Quit

Hammer Time mash-up now available on iTunes

Just in case you are confused, check out the video that gained 700 million views in just a few months!

Gangnam Style is the new Swag/Yolo

"Gangnam" means "south (nam) of the river (gang)" in Korean. In this song, the "river(gang)" is the Han River, which penetrates the City of Seoul, capital of South Korea.

Gangnam has become the most wealthy area in the entire South Korea. "Gangnam" is where the cool, rich and beautiful people hang out!

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