After watching the videos from #SJ14 I have decided right here and now that I WILL be in the building for Summer Jam 2015!!! If you're like me and missed the big event, watch the performance videos here.

50 Cent & G Unit Reunites! I got goose bumps from watching this!! Love it.
By the way, 50 Cent's "Animal Ambition" is in stores tomorrow!

But it was the Queen of Queens Nicki Minaj who really stole the show!

And then THIS happened!

Youtube Hot 97
Youtube Hot 97

I was really kicking myself when I saw on my Timeline that SNOOP was in the place!!

S/O to all the WBLK winners who went to #SJ14
I promise you this, I WILL BE AT SUMMER JAM 2015!!! (Drops the Mic) @JazzyTOnAir

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