Future managed to dodge a wild fan who stormed on stage in the middle of his recent performance.

On Sunday night (Dec. 29), the Monster rapper invaded Lagos, Nigeria to perform at the Eko Convention Centre at Victoria Island for his first headlining concert in the African country. Midway through his set, Future had nearly wrapped up his performance of "Mask Off" when a random fan climbed on stage and nearly bombarded the rapper. The fan, who was wearing a bright yellow shirt, wasn't on stage long before Future's security came through and tackled the fan to the ground.

The fan was swiftly removed from the stage seconds after they apprehended him. It's not the first time Future's security had to get involved with deranged fans. Back in July, one of Future's bodyguards stepped in after a group of fans in Spain got heated when the rapper turned down a photo opp with them.

The bodyguard reportedly fought off a few of the men before one of them ran up on the guard from the behind and sucker-punched him. Future can be seen in the video running up to the guard to check on him while the fans taunt them.

Shortly after the incident, Future released a statement in which he denounced the attackers as "fake goons." He also denied witnessing the attack and demanded that his name be left out of the conversation.

"Leave me out anything have to do with this incident," Future wrote in his Instagram story.

Watch the entire incident for yourself below.

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