Some people in New York are eligible to get a free air conditioner through the state. It's getting closer to the first official day of summer, which is June 20, 2024.

Certain New York State Residents Are Eligible To Get A Free Air Conditioner

Photo by Michu Đăng Quang on Unsplash
Photo by Michu Đăng Quang on Unsplash

The New York State Home Energy Assistance Program is offering free air conditioners through its Cooling Assistance Benefit. The program runs through the end of August. In addition to getting a free cooling unit, the benefit will also pay for it to be installed.

You can apply for cooling assistance to buy and install an air conditioner or a fan for your home. Your household is allowed one or the other, and the price cannot be more than $800 with installation for a portable air conditioner, or fan, and not to exceed $1,000 for an existing wall sleeve unit..


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New York State Residents May Be Eligible For The Cooling Assistance Benefit

In order to receive the free air conditioner and installation, you must meet certain income levels. You also may qualify if you:

- Receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance (TA)
- Receive Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone)
- Have a person in your home who has a condition exacerbated by heat

There are other requirements and qualifications, which can be found here.

To Apply For HEAP Cooling Benefits in New York State Contact Your Local Office

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