Four people were shot on Buffalo's west side at an outdoor gathering.

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The gathering is described as a "large car gathering," by WKBW. The shooting incident happened around 3:30 am Sunday morning near the intersection of West Ferry and Niagara Street. The shooting victims were four men.

"Police were alerted. Police went and broke up the large gathering and continued to move to a few different locations throughout the city. It appears it came to a rest at the Foot of Ferry." ~ Buffalo Police Department Captain, Jeff Rinaldo via WKBW

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The four men sustained injuries, with at least one of them suffering from serious injuries. If you have any information, you can call or text police at (716) 847-2255.

"It's warm weather, people are sick of being stuck in their house, they're starting to get out more and more and at these large gatherings and there's alcohol involved and from time to time they do lead to violent interactions." ~ Buffalo Police Department Captain, Jeff Rinaldo via WKBW

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Hopefully, as we finally re-open WNY fully, we won't see an uptick in shootings. It seems as though it follows the weather, the hotter it gets, the more incidents there are. There were a number of shootings this weekend, during which the weather was warm.