Herman Cain was the epitome of success, but not regular ol' "success"... he attained ' Black Success' in America...not easy to do...to an extent which is nothing short of phenomenal.  Cain was a staunch businessman who was. born on Dec. 13, 1945, in Memphis, grew up in Georgia, and graduated from Morehouse College after earning a Bachelor's degree in Math, according to Wikipedia and the NY Times  Herman Cain's accomplishments beyond that include a laundry list of successful efforts, including his short-lived Presidential Candidate run, which was said to be a means within itself to sell his book at the time, according to CBS News.  The CBS News story suggests that Herman Cain used his Presidential campaign funds to buy his own books, which is legal unless the Candidate is making money from the sales.  Cain claimed he bought the books to give to his supporters.

Mr. Cain grew up in poverty in the deep South but overcame any challenges involved with that lifestyle and found a way to eventually become the CEO of Godfather's Pizza, according to the NY Times and Wikipedia.  Herman Cain has now passed away at the age of 74, according to the NY Times.    

The unfortunate news of Cain's death comes with more misfortune...aimed at President Donald Trump.   As Trump continues to give mixed messages regarding COVID-19, which of course leads to his followers going down the same path of "uncertainty and "disbelief", many of his staff have contracted the virus.  The irony in Herman Cain's death, as it relates to Donald Trump, is the claim now that Cain became diagnosed and ill with COVID19, shortly after attending the Trump rally in Tulsa., according to Forbes

I remember receiving a video someone messaged me and watching it.  It was a video of some Black people dancing around at a Trump rally with Country Music playing that someone had laid over the top of the video and silenced what was really playing in the video at the rally....the music was Country to suggest that the Black people were sell-outs for Trump and having a good ol' boys Hee Haw time of it.

Herman Cain is seen in that video with others, following the lead of the President at the time, and not practicing any social distancing or mask-wearing.  So the claim is that "he got it from the rally" ... the truth is 'who knows'  ... but there is one thing for certain... it's not a good look for the President whether he contracted it at the rally or not.  Just the suggestion that a person may have contracted COVID-19 and died because of ANYTHING associated with the President, is bad news.

WBLK's Condolences to the family.  Honorable Herman Cain, R.I.P.



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