This Memorial Day weekend, TI made headlines after he went toe-to-toe with infamous boxer Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. The street brawl caused Floyd to say and do some things out his character and today he apologizes.


First of all, I gotta say watch what you post on Instagram! Donald Sterling's side piece posted a pic with her and Magic Johnson that led to him being banned from the league. And this pic of TI's wife Tiny, his daughter and Floyd "Money" Mayweather sent chairs flying at a Las Vegas Fatburger. She has since deleted the pic. Watch the fight video here.

When I first watched this video I thought, dang how does Tiny feel about being called a "B Word" by her friend whom she's known for a very long time. Floyd addresses that in his apology below. But first this message from TI.

Floyd Mayweather recounts the "Fatburger Brawl" and says sorry to Tiny and her children. Check it out.

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