So I had a night off from the clubs last night so I decided to hit the stores and window shop, I'm broke we know that. I walked into my favorite (cheapest) store Five Below to see If I can gather up some goodies and notice "wow this say $6" my face was puzzled then, I asked the working

"Are y'all not 5 below anymore like things in the store are not only 5 dollars and less anymore?"

After close to 20 years of being the know as the store where everything is $5 and under they are raising the price on some of the items in the store

Basically most tech products will range from 6 dollars to 10 dollars and will be called "Ten Below Tech' and "Ten Below Gift Shop" But you won't see a name change maybe a sign in the store but it will still be called Five Below as most of the stuff there is still 5 Below

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