What's being touted as a 'first of its kind' department store will find its home in a former synagogue in North Buffalo.

It'll be called "The Monocle," and be located at 1237 Hertel Avenue.

WGRZ reports:

Michael Poczkalski, owner and principal designer of michael P. design and room, and David Brugh, owner and principal barber of Crockett & Co. announced they've purchased a former synagogue at 1237 Hertel with plans to transform it into 'The Monocle'.

The partners describe shopping experiences overseas that were the inspiration for the concept.

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According to WGRZ:

“As creatives and entrepreneurs, we...wanted to bring that inspiration to our hometown, creating a new experiential shopping experience that builds off of the same cutting-edge design and retail reputation that the community and our customers have come to know from room, michael P. design, and Crockett & Co.,” said David Brugh.

Renovation of the former synagogue is already underway, and The Monocle has a tentative opening date of November 2021.

According to WGRZ, the store will have 'room' on the main floor -- a retail concept that has been in Buffalo for some time, featuring curated furniture and home decor. They will also carry gift items such as jewelry, outdoor lifestyle items, dishware and glassware, as well as scarves and bags.

The michael P. design will be offices will occupy space in The Monocle, as well as on the Crockett and Co. Barbershop.

A retail area called Apothecary will carry hair and body products. The Library is a common area in the store for shoppers to relax. The Monocle will also have a cafe area with Mr. Potts Coffee & Tea Emporium, expected to open in Spring 2022.

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