The recent string of shootings and violence in Buffalo is linked to gangs, according to the FBI.

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According to WKBW, the Federal Bureau of Investigation , as well as the U.S. Attorney's Office in Buffalo, say that gangs are responsible for some of the recent shootings and violence we've seen in the city. The shooting of Central Park Gang member Shariff Jackson, has been attributed to the Fruit Belt Gang. Antwaine Parker and Michael Woods are two Fruit Belt Gang, who the Feds allege have been involved in the recent violence.

“There is a cycle of criminality and violence which connects many of the shootings we are seeing in our City. These defendants both have prior weapons convictions, both were themselves shooting victims, and both chose to arm themselves despite being prohibited from legally doing so. Left to their own devices, this is, sadly, the type of ‘justice’ to which those involved in these sorts of activities—many of whom are members of street gangs—aspire." ~ U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy via WKBW

Investigators believe that the rivalry between the two gangs -  Fruit Belt Gang and Central Park Gang - are at the root of some of the violent incidents.

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