What is a good bet to have for our fantasy football league? What about we cater it specifically to Buffalo, New York for you? After all, there has to be a loser and they have to pay up.

People in Buffalo LOVE their fantasy football. Ladies, you probably have told your man a time or two that he is obsessed with it, while simultaneously rolling your eyes, too. I am sure you put money into a pot to dish out to winners at the end of your fantasy football season. But, some people like to have a little something extra that the loser has to do.

One super popular idea all over the place is the Denny's or Waffle House bet. What happens is the loser of the fantasy football season has to go to a Denny's or Waffle House for 24 hours. The loser can remove an hour from their time for every pancake they eat. That's a classic, but what else is there is:

  • One guy in Buffalo had to do a lemonade stand for 24 hours at Delaware Park. His friends let him deduct 30 minutes off of his time for every cup of Lemonade he sold. He was paying up for last year's loss in fantasy.
  • The lawn cutter. In this bet, there is a loser AND a winner. The loser of the league has to cut the winner's lawn for a month. Here is Buffalo that is probably 4 times (once a week.)
  • Getting a tattoo. This is a classic bet, but man a little harsh and too permanent.
  • The ghost pepper chicken wing. I think you already know what this is and it is scary. The hottest pepper sauce of all time on a chicken wing could really be a bad bet to lose.
  • This one will get you in trouble, but I heard this one happen before. If you lose your league, you have to stand in front of the David Michelangelo statue in Buffalo without any clothes on as cars go by.
  • McDonald's. You have to get a job at McDonald's and work at least one legal shift. This one could equally be rude as it is punishment. At least you'll be able to get 50% off your McDouble with your employee discount.

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