While the folks who are creating these accounts may be doing so all in good fun, if you're not paying attention to what you're seeing it may pose a danger to people.

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More fallout from the continued deregulation of Twitter is starting to have a larger impact on Buffalo and Western New York.

It wasn't that long ago when Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz issued a warning about a fake Erie County Government Twitter account giving out false information about happenings in Western New York. Now a few more seemingly fake parody City of Buffalo government accounts have popped up and are doing the same thing.

Twitter accounts that pretending to be the Buffalo Public Schools and the City of Buffalo's Department of Public Works have spent the last few days issuing several funny and crass tweets talking about everything from the poor plow services related to the storm to schools having to close due to the massive amount of snow that had fallen in Western New York over the last week.

There have been tons of fake and parody accounts popping up on Twitter since Elon Musk took over control of Twitter. From people who had their accounts suspended being allowed to return, to a decrease in content moderation and a subsequent large increase in racist and derogatory content popping up on the platform.

You can find the real and official accounts for the Buffalo Public Schools here. Buffalo's Department of Public Works doesn't sport its own Twitter account, but you can find official communications from the City of Buffalo on Mayor Byron Browns Twitter account here.

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