The phenom that we know as Facebook, has taken over social aspects of our culture that we could never imagine. We are constantly browsing our newsfeed, updating our status, and 'liking' new things everyday. This network affects relationships, molds opinions, and represents us to basically....the world. So what more could we possibly need on Facebook? We've got pictures, videos, chats, etc.  You can basically find out wayyy too much about a person simply by viewing their profile...what could Zuckerberg possibly have come up with now to enhance Facebook?

After touring engineering plants in Seattle, it was announced  Friday that Facebook would be holding a news event next Wed to unveil something "awesome" developed there. There was no news media invited to the announcement, and while the young creator of Facebook has been avidly trying to keep the new advancements under wraps, there have been leaks all over the internet as to what Zuckerberg has up his sleeve.

The first lead is that Facebook will be adding a video-chat feature in collaboration with Skype. Video chat is one of the few features setting it behind competitors like Google.

A second rumor is that Facebook would introduce an app for the i-pad as well as a mobile photo sharing tool. The company TechCrunch  published images  on leaks that led to believe there was  photo sharing facebook app for the i-phone on it's way.

Whatever the new development may be, the timing of all of this is no mistake. Top competitor, Google+, a new forerunner in the social networking world was released to a select few for a trial run just last Tuesday so there may finally be a serious competitor for a Facebook.

What do you think?

What do you think about the new changes? What would you add to Facebook if you could? Would you ever use a new social networking site? Have you looked in to Google+?

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