Gyms are scheduled to open on Monday and as of now, they know what regulations they have to follow and meet, as the 'Erie County Department of Health has released the guidelines to the owners of gyms and fitness centers', according to t WGRZ News.

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According to WGRZ News, these are the types of fitness centers that will be inspected relative to gyms being allowed to re-open on Monday

The Department of Health is also telling facilities with pools, that they must be inspected prior to opening, according to the WGRZ report.  The report also states that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that masks are mandatory as well as is people signing in and out.  Before any gym can open, they must go to this website;, and request an inspection.

Each type of gym facility is required to provide specific guidelines. before opening.  (Click the link below to see the list) listed in the link below 


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