Many vehicles were stuck due to the snow and left on the roads during the lake effect snowstorm. If you were unable to remove your car, it was likely towed by Erie County. The Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, tweeted about where you can find your vehicle,

Remember, is a resource for vehicles that were towed by Erie County and are held at the McKinley Mall lot. If your vehicle was towed and not listed on our site, it was towed elsewhere.


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If The City Of Buffalo Tows Your Car, Here’s How To Get It Back

If you don't see your car on the Erie County website, it may have been towed by the City of Buffalo. Parking in the City of Buffalo can be quite a task! It's especially difficult when it's a whole lake effect snowstorm. Whether you parked illegally or had to abandon your car during the storm (because you were driving during the travel ban and couldn't make it to your destination), you can find out how to find your car below

How To Find Out If Your Car Has Been Towed By City Of Buffalo

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