The clock is ticking on eviction moratoriums. While the national eviction moratorium ends on July 31. New York State's runs a bit longer through the end of August.

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“It was required to keep people safely housed but now the economy has opened back up, there are jobs for everyone, and it’s about time for the moratorium to end,” Landlord Ayat Nieves said.

“Understand that you are getting an extra month of protection from the state in terms of being evicted but beware that it is coming up really quickly,” Lawyer Leslie Tayne said.

WKBW -TV reports that according to Data USA, people that own homes in Buffalo is just over 40%, that's more than 20% below the national average. In other words three out of five people in Buffalo could be affected when the eviction moratorium expires.

“They can’t just come in and pad lock the house or come into your home, take your things and keep you from getting into your home,” Tayne said.

It' important to remember if you receive a rent-related eviction notice, you have 14 days to pay or move out or your landlord can file for eviction proceedings, and your case will end up in court. A lease-related eviction notice gives you ten days to move out, not 14.

Nieves said he has been working with his tenants to get rent relief, but process has been frustrating.

“The system that they have in place is broken and any and every housing court across the country should help distribute those funds to keep people in their home,” Nieves said.

There are resources that those face possible eviction can turn to. You can apply for rent relief at Legal assistance can be obtained from the Legal Aid Bureau in Buffalo, or call your county’s Bar Association and ask about pro-bono housing lawyers or housing clinics.


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