Welp I know I aint the only person who forgot the bill received in the mall and then ending up receiving another bill with a bunch of $50 fines, Well y'all must have billed the wrong one because Senator Chris Jacobs is working on legislation t hat would direct the New York state Thruway Authority to stop collecting tolls at the Grand Island bridges.

Senator Jacobs Said:

"I had a meeting finally with the Thruway Authority last week up in Albany to talk about some of the problems that we've been having. I do believe that they're trying to work on this, and they really need to resolve any problems they're having with this technology,"

Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray has been working with the State Thruway Authority since the issues were brought to his attention.

"Tolls are a tax. We have no idea where the tax goes or how it's spent. Either stop that tax or give us control over it," said McMurray.

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