In today's reminder that You Are Not Blake Griffin, we have this fine young gentleman whose attempt at dunking a basketball went predictably awry. Why is that? Because he -- like many before him -- tried to do the whole "Let's jump over that there car and dunk this here basketball!" thing without realizing that he would obviously not be able to accomplish this task.

When Blake nailed that over-the-Kia slam back in 2011, it was, no doubt, very impressive. A bit of showmanship always helps in a dunk contest, and the car and the choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly" were nice touches. But the key there was that Blake Griffin can jump really far -- like, waaaaay farther than you or us or that guy up there in the video.

We understand that there's a part of human nature that leads us to want to imitate that which we see, but there are certain feats that must simply be left alone. They exist in their own realm, a realm outside most folks' abilities. Jumping over a vehicle and dunking a basketball lives in that realm. That isn't to say nobody can do it, or even only pro ballers. Once in a while, someone will do it (like this guy). But for the most part, it's probably best if we left it to the experts. Otherwise, you know, it's kind of embarrassing.

That said, we hope to continue seeing more and more wonderful dunk fails -- like blindfolded ones, and jumping-over-people ones. They bring joy to the world. And to be fair, we also love a successful dunk -- like ones where the ball seems to disappear briefly, or a self alley-oop -- just not as much as a good dunk fail. This is the internet, after all.


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