I stay over in the Elmwood area and this would become a instant gem in the community. According to WKBW,  Duff's Famous Wings could have a new location in the Elmwood Avenue area very very soon. They would get some strong support over in that area. From WKBW:

"Elmwood is a hot spot that we've been keeping an eye on for awhile now," Greg Duell the co-owner of the Duff's location in the Eastern Hills Mall told 7EWN.

That's a move that need to be made. Duff's is not in Buffalo...that's crazy right?  They need to get here now.

Duff's currently has just eight locations in the United States, but the main joint on Sheridan Drive and Millersport Highway in Amherst first served wings in 1969 according the company website.

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