Are Drake and Rihanna back together? The one-time couple, who hooked up with the Bajan beauty first split from Chris Brown, may be back on ... and they've both hinted at it this week!

Rihanna has been posting Drake's lyrics on Twitter, which raised Navy eyebrows pretty far:

But perhaps more tellingly, on 'The Ellen Show,' October's Very Own sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, who pretty much played a slideshow of the famous women to whom the rapper's been linked in a game of "Who Has Drake Dated," and RiRi was the first up.

A flustered Drake answered, "Yeah! She's a great girl, and we had our moment ... I'll always support and have love for her."

DeGeneres chimed in, "Mmmm. A little nervous! Okay!"

Drizzy laughed, "I heard myself saying something else, and I know when I watch this back I'm gonna be like, 'That's not what I thought I said!'"

DeGeneres quipped, "You wanna go back and do that one over?" (We see what she did there!) Drake replied with a chuckle, "Nah, I'm not into do-overs. In any regard ... which is an ironic thing to say in this situation." Hmmm!

Next up was Nicki Minaj, who Drake said at one point he would marry. "Me and Nicki are like family," Drake said. "I love Nicki with all my heart. But we've never shared an intimate moment or anything like that!"

Tyra Banks was next. "Yeah, I went on one date with her," he revealed. "We went to Disneyland in disguise actually, which was fun. I don't know if it was a date, it was like a get-together ... oh man, this is really bad!"

Drake later fervently denied ever going out with Kim Kardashian and confessed to going on just one date with actress Kat Dennings, on whom he's always had a "huge crush." He then laughed sheepishly, "They never call me back after the first date according to this!"

"I'm single, I'm ready to mingle ... the album's done, I got free time." And we bet Rihanna's going to take some of that time up!

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