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A fatal car accident in downtown Buffalo left a woman dead after she was ejected onto the Buffalo News building. There were three vehicles involved in the crash, according to WKBW. Police said that the victim who died was ejected from her vehicle and thrown onto the roof of the Buffalo News building around 7 am on Friday, January 22, 2021. New York State Police said she was in her 20s. She was declared deceased at the scene of the accident. Investigators say that her vehicle hit the guard rail at the Elm Street exit on the I-190 southbound. According to WGRZ, her vehicle rolled multiple times. Authorities say she was the only person in her vehicle and was not wearing her seatbelt. Police have not released her name and are continuing the investigation into what caused the crash.

My heart goes out to her friends and family, it's horrific enough to pass away in a car accident, but then to be thrown on top of a building; that's just gruesome. Writing about these stories always reminds me of how short life is. We can be doing something as normal as driving and boom, life is over. It just reminds me to live as much as I can while I'm here because life is not guaranteed at all.

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