It's been one of the BIGGEST topics of 2012.... Is DOOMSDAY today? Well, I can't tell you that but what I CAN do is tell you how to handle it IF it happens.

So. My suggestion: Let it happen! There's no need to be afraid because there is NOTHING we can do to stop it from happening. We have no say in the matter so why not continue to enjoy life as we should?

I'm not saying you shouldn't be prepared for it though. You can definitely make sure there's food in your house and candles in case you happen to lose power (just like you would on any other day).

Let's just say something DOES happen, up and coming vocalist Anhayla is ready for whatever as long as she has her man. In this video, she shows a "Doomsday" type of atmosphere and sticking with her lover through it all.

There's the real lesson. Hold the ones you love close. Hold them like it's your last  minute because you truly never know when that will be. Look at the poor children of Newtown that were innocently murdered. Use that example not to instill fear but to remind you to appreciate those precious moments.

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