The year 2015 will, from a political point of view, be remembered as the Year of Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, he was everywhere -- and usually he was insulting someone.

Whether it was his rivals for the GOP presidential race, reporters, the news media in general, Iowans, immigrants, President Obama -- no one was save from the Donald's wrath. While it has certainly turned off a large chunk of the country, his tactic of speaking bluntly has earned him first-place status in the race for his party's nomination and an enthusiastic and committed set of supporters who love him not in spite of his crudeness -- but because of it.

Who knows if this can last much longer. The Iowa caucuses are just a month away now, and that will reveal whether Trump's 2015 surge to the front of the pack has lasting power or not. But for now, we can look back on year full of "LOSER" and "DOPEY" and "LIKE A DISGUSTING, WEAK, PATHETIC LITTLE BABY." All that and more.

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