Since premiering on October 3, the 41st season of NBC's Saturday Night Live has been rife with buzz. First, Miley Cyrus hosted (and performed) during the season's debut episode, which was followed up by Amy Schumer playing host—and making her SNL debut—while The Weeknd brought out Nicki Minaj during his performance. Then, the beloved comedian Tracy Morgan, who was in a tragic car accident in 2014, made a triumphant return to the sketch show, while Demi Lovato also celebrated her powerhouse debut as a musical guest.

Tonight's episode, however, may be the season's most talked-about (and controversial) one yet, as it will see GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump returning to host the show for the first time his he made his debut on SNL back in 2004.

For weeks, many have been protesting Saturday Night Live's decision to have the polarizing Republication candidate host, particularly in light of inflammatory and racist comments he made about the Mexican-American community in which he referred to Mexican immigrants as "drug dealers" and "rapists." A coalition comprised of Hispanic advocacy groups recently sent a plea to NBC producers, asking them to reconsider having Trump on the show. Even tonight, hundreds of protesters have gathered outside of the Rockefeller Center to demonstrate.

Despite the backlash, SNL is pushing forward with their host, and we'll be sharing the clips all night long, including The Donald's opening monologue, skits, and what will surely be two glorious performances by Sia. Watch below for our roundup!

Donald Trump - Opening Monologue

Donald Trump - "Live Tweeting" Sketch

Donald Trump - "White House 2018" Sketch

Donald Trump - "Hotline Bling" Sketch Appearance

Sia - "Alive" Performance

Sia - "Bird Set Free" Performance + Donald Trump Music Intro Sketch

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