Amber Rose hit up twitter, to say that she has an interesting view of Willow Smith. She say's that Willow Smith reminds her a lot of her self. I don't get the comparison at all.


Willow Smith's PARENTS are millionaires, Amber Rose's aren't. Amber Rose used to strip, Willow Smith hopefully won't. (The probability of that happening being that her parents are millionaires are very small.) Willow Smith can actually sing Amber Rose can't. I just don't see where Amber Rose was going with these comments. She was trying to get the message out there about being an individual. Willow Smith can be an individual because her parents are rich. Willow can wear what she wants, cut her hair any type of way, or do what ever else she feels. This is a direct RESULT OF HER PARENTS BEING MILLIONAIRES. So i'm still not sure was this a compliment or diss ?

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