I was watching Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and the situation with Ray J, Princess love, his fiance, his mama and the pre-nup unfold. What are you thoughts, should a pre-nup be a standard thing for marriage? Call me (644-9393) during the 2 O'clock on Tuesday hour with your thoughts for our Talk at 2!


Nowadays, it seems like no one can keep their marriage together, nevertheless famous people, but is a pre-nup the answer? There are all kinds of statistics about marriage and divorce, like this Washington Post breakdown, but does that make a pre-nup more necessary? It just seems like people now don't take their vows as seriously as in the past, but times have changed. There are so many reasons that people might not stay together like they did in the past, including finances, women's liberation, educational equality, religious freedom, birth control and so many other influences. I don't really believe in marriage personally, but if you do, what are your thoughts on a per-arrangement for money and property? Are you for it or against it?

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