Disclaimer: This is not for everybody, only for the people who are outgoing and always getting into random situation.

So me growing up on the east side of buffalo, in all my 22 years of living, I have seen a lot of funny, scary and also very disturbing situations i would like to call them.

Which brings me into making a top 5 ways of surviving a buffalo summer. starting from number 5 and this is not limited to 5, feel free to add on as much as you want.

5) No House Parties

Summer 16 I went to a house party...Long story short I seen someone get Randy Orten RKO right thru a glass table. That wasn't the worst party, if you are like me and enjoy a fresh clean pair of sneakers house parties aren't for you, I had some nice all whites on after the party you would have thought I ran to hell and back in those.

2) Leave At The End Time of any Festival
need i say anymore... you stick around after 5pm at Juneteenth let me know how that goes for you.

3) Always keep your phone charged!!
you never know when you see a fight and you gotta recored or see something out of the ordinary Ex: Someone pushing a full fridge in a shopping cart down your street.

Everyone is not your friend
They will turn on you quick


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