Buffalo's Dj IceBerg has held down the spot of one of Buffalo's best for years now and from the looks of things hes not about to slow up. Sometimes when people are Great at what they do they seem to come off as an A#s Hole, But Dj IceBerg is completely opposite he is as humble as they come. A lot of Dj's wont admit it because of pride or what ever but a lot of us look up to ICE. I remember the first time I seen him in action was at Dj Hassan's Dj battle a few years back. Long story short after just seeing ICE practice for the battle I decided to not participate lol. and one thing that Ice always stresses is that practice makes the difference, I took that to heart and Ive tried to practice as much as possible and even now a few years after that battle I am way better than what I was then but I still would prefer not to go on after Ice lol. All in All theough Ice Berg is not only a great Dj but a great friend always willing to help out a fellow Dj and he is just a cool person to be around. one thing for sure when you see a party flier and it says "Music By DJ IceBerg" that there is no doubt that is where you want to be.


For more on DJ IceBerg--> Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jifisher1