Did you know that Ty Dolla $ign got his start back in the day in the group Immature? (Now for all of our younger Roomies, Immature — later known as IMX— was the “it” group in the nineties! Marques “Batman” Houston, Romeo, and LDB give us hits and even introduced us to B2K!)

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1, Marques Houston revealed that Ty performed with the group, alongside Brandy and Ray J who were backup also singers.

“Ty Dolla $ign was in Immature’s band when we first started. Chris Stokes discovered Ty back in the day. I pulled up a clip of him in Immature on The Arsenio Hall Show. I was like, 9 years old and he was in the band,” he shared. “He had to be eight? Seven or eight. He’s like a year younger than me.”


“Ty was actually really, really musically inclined back then, because he would kind of help do some of the programming and stuff like that back then, when he was like real young. We were all impressed with his musical skill, being that young,” he added.

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