Chris Brown is facing imminent arrest in Miami Beach today after a female fan claims he stole her iPhone for snapping his picture. Eye witnesses claim that he rolled down the window of his Bentley, grabbed the iPhone 4s, and yelled "(Expletive), you ain’t going to put that on no website.” He then allegedly rolled up his car window and drove away with the phone, worth about $500.

According to Rapper Tyga, Chris was freaked out because she was taking photos of him escorting two groupies from
miami nightclub to his car. “The guy’s trying to get back with Rihanna, and he knows that wouldn’t happen if the photos ended up online,” Tyga told detectives. But Chris has more than Rhi Rhi's approval to worry about!

Criminal charges in Miami may now send the popular R&B star to prison for up to four years simply on a violation of probation.

“Brown wouldn’t need to be convicted in the Miami-Dade case to have problems with his Los Angeles probation,” Jim Lewis, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney noted. “The conditions of his felony probation are extremely strict. Brown must obey all laws and not be arrested or accused of any other crimes. Just an accusation of robbery could send him to prison in California.”