Lets clap it up for William Mattar again. He's one of those guys that prove why this place is called the City of Good Neighbors. When we ring in 2016, the local attorney will be making sure that we get home by offering free rides to anyone in need.

It's the 8th year in a row Mattar has done this Safe & Sober Free Ride Home Program and it's more than appreciated by the people of Western New York.

Here are the details:

  • 1

    Service runs from 12AM until 4 AM

  • 2

    Phone #: 716-202-2222.

  • 3

    Call about an hour ahead.

    Remember, the lines may be busy and you are not guaranteed a ride.

  • 4

    You car will get home.

    Designated Drivers of Buffalo will be coming to get you. Two representatives will come to where you are. One to drive you home and the other to drive your car.

  • 5

    Rides must start in Buffalo

    Don't expect them to come pick you up from your house party Niagara Falls and bring you home to Fredonia.

  • 6

    Maximum distance of 20 mi.

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