This is outrageous! I mean, the audacity of this woman to make a comment like this is crazy to me.

What is wrong with the thought processes of people today? What on earth would give the POLITICIAN the audacity to say something racist like this? Or am I trippin'?

According to Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs, [Legislator Ellen] Birnbaum made remarks along the lines of, “This is a bad neighborhood, and it’s a ghetto – and for good measures, it’s full of those black people.”

She was allegedly talking about the area around the Yes We Can community center in New Cassel.  “She said to the Yes We Can center, no they can’t because they’re black,” Jacobs said.
Birnbaum has apologized for her remarks, but she refuses to step down.

“I will work every day to regain the confidence and trust in those who I’ve lost,” she told [WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike] Xirinachs.

I could be sensitive (I'm not -- rhetorical statement), but her comment was insane. The problem is that too many politicians feel like crime comes from the "Black" culture and too many of us will produce a harsh climate for our communities. "And for good measures, it's full of those black people." What in the world is that supposed to mean?

Will we ever flee from the oppression of race? Or will we forever not understand each other so much that we are constantly being blamed for things like crime? Are her statements a microcosm of what is really going on in Capitol Hill?



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