We all have watched reality shows at some point in our lives, some like them more than others, but have you ever seen through the nonsense that they are trying to put off as real?

Let me explain, over the years my wife and I have always enjoyed watching ghost hunting shows. I believe in the spirit world, and these shows have always intrigued me, to be honest. Some are more over the top than others, and you have to take everything with a grain of salt. One show that has always been over the top is Ghost Adventures hosting by a full-blown toolbag, Zack Baggins.

This is the dude that goes into a place that is supposedly haunted and taunts the spirits to do something and then overacts and pretends he's possessed and starts punching dust particles in a fit of "hey I want an Emmy" rage. I put up with his nonsense because a lot of the places that they investigate are very interesting. I partially enjoyed the show for the most part until watching one episode, where they were using technology that I personally had used before, so I knew how it worked.

They utilized a Go-Pro in one episode and used an app that allows you to view what the Go-Pro is seeing in real-time. It's a really cool feature of the Go-Pro, and they used it to allude to the fact that a ghost was making some sort of contact. They found themselves in an old building that had some sort of waterway underneath it, and they mounted a Go-Pro to a remote control boat and the app lost connection once the boat reached a certain distance. Oh No! I guess that means a ghost is coming!

They attempted sending the remote-controlled boat out again and it shut off at the same point, which they used as concrete evidence of a ghost encounter. OR, for someone who has used a Go-Pro and said app used in the show, I know from personal experience that there is a certain distance that the app can sync with the Go-Pro. Mostly because while using it I got too far ahead of the person viewing through the app and it lost connection.

I knew the show was full of nonsense, but it's different when you actually can prove that it's fake. Have you ever been able to see through the crap that reality television tries to pass off as real?

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