David Banner delivered some holiday spirit to local kids in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

The 41-year-old rapper gave back to his community by donating a recording studio to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi, which will be the first of six that are set to be built in the Clubs' chapter.

The studio will be located near the basketball courts that Banner used to go to when he was younger. "I come back because I love the way I feel when I come in here," he told The Clarion-Ledger newspaper. “Now you see that I can give back, hopefully one of y’all can get popping from this studio and come back and give some more money.”

Penney Ainsworth, the local president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club, is looking forward to having the kids in the neighborhood flex their creative senses and see where it can take them.

“They’re going to learn to write, make beats and marry the two before going into the sound booth,” Ainsworth said. “We’re going to teach them computer skills and show how that affects everyday life. Hopefully we’ll get some David Banners out of here, some producers and songwriters out of here.”

During David Banner's meetup with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club, he gave gifts to 350 young people and their families. There was also dancing and pictures with Santa while David took selfies with the kids and reminisced about his younger days.

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