Things erupted outside of a Washington D.C. bar when a bouncer denied access to a member of David Banner's crew this past Sunday (June 12). The rapper and those with him were attempting to enter Ozio Restaurant & Lounge, but the denial set things off, as Banner became irate and was eventually placed in handcuffs.

TMZ is reporting the arrest and obtained the above Snapchat videos that document the altercation. According to the police report, Banner clenched a fist and told the bouncer, "I got you niggas, I got you. You a sellout nigga I got money" and allegedly threw money and credit cards at him during the exchange. When police attempted to break the altercation up, Banner said, "I don't give a fuck about no police!" He was then arrested for inciting a fight which amounted to a ticket.

The next day, Banner took to Instagram to set the record straight, writing, "Club Ozio in #Washington DC I hope that you treat the people of the city better than what I experienced last night. If not #shutitdown. If we spend our money with you then treat our people right. I hope to represent my people with grace, style and respect. 'But' I’m a grown man. There is a point where I must protect 'My' honor first. What happened to me is not important. It is my feeling though that it may be a common practice. If so, that is the bigger problem."

Check Banner's tweets below.

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