While Darien Lake theme park opens for the season This Saturday May 5th, fans excited for the debut of the Tantrum, the Parks first new roller coaster since 2008.

Darien Lake officials confirmed the Tantrum would be ready for public use sometime on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-28. The $5 million project is the first major addition since the Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster a decade ago, and first under the new ownership.

A press release said:

The Tantrum, which begins with a 98-foot climb at a 90-degree angle - exactly straight up, also dazzles with a 97-degree drop - the first ride in New York state and Ontario to feature with a beyond-vertical descent, Minimum height necessary to ride the Tantrum is 48 inches. Good thing I just made the height requirement.

The steep climbs and dives, as well as pretzel-like loops, appear to be the calling card of the Tantrum, as its peak speed is 52 miles per hour, a considerable degree slower than the Ride of Steel, which reaches 75 miles per hour. It replaces the Thunder Rapids log ride.

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