Its the return of R&B comebacks. Just last week Grammy winning group Ready for the World announced that they will be going back into the studio and recording some new music for their fans.

Now the other day on his Instagram , D’Angelo announced that he is coming back with new music after three years of chillen.  Why does it feel like more than three years tho? He just dropped dropped “Unshaken,” from the soundtrack of the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game. The action-adventure game follow two outlaws in the Wild West in 1899.

Could this mean more music for D'Angelo? We hope so, the last joint he dropped was  Black Messiah, in 2014, and released one single that year: “Really Love.” A second single, “Betray My Heart,” was released in 2015.Black Messiah won a Grammy for Best R&B Album, and “Really Love” was named Best R&B Song.


Check out the song below:

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