Not only has the club been the backdrop to many music videos and has been mentioned in countless rap lyrics, It’s arguably the most famous strip club in America and now the club is no more.

KOD was sued for foreclosure back in August 2017, and now, according to court documents obtained by the @miaminewtimes, the club was ordered evicted on the first of the month. The court docs show that on October 18th, KOD was ordered to pay its court-appointed receiver a lump sum of $305,000 plus additional payments of $85,000 the first of every month thereafter. On November 1st, the receiver said the club owners hadn’t paid and asked the court to evict the tenants.

So this past Monday, law enforcement officers assisted in placing locks on the doors of the famous club.

“Much of the inside was already empty,” said attorney Glenn Moses. “The sound systems were gone; the liquor cabinet had been cleaned out. The lights are on outside, but there’s nothing really happening inside.”

The New Times dialed the club’s main phone line, but the number had been disconnected. Moses declined to speculate why the club was struggling to pay its bills, but the eviction marks a sad end for a club that has been in bad shape for the better half of a decade.

The club actually nearly shut down back in 2014 but was instead sold for about $6 million to a group of New York City investors operating under the name “Kodrenyc LLC”.

Court records show that in March 2017, the club’s owners were hit with an additional $1.7 million in accrued and unpaid interest on their mortgage. By August, the club had defaulted.

Things apparently went even further south this year when a Miami-Dade court named Kenneth Welt the property’s bankruptcy receiver in June. Welt then learned the club had been operating with open, potentially life-threatening code violations, including malfunctioning fire sprinklers. Miami-Dade County closed the building October 5th due to safety violations.

“It had the potential to be a tragic situation,” Moses said.

But now that the rent hasn’t been paid, the club is likely locked for good.

It’s unclear whether KOD will be shut down and bulldozed or be sold off to someone who will keep the brand.

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