If you are a coupon user in New York, you might have a rough road ahead. As prices increase for basic necessities, many families are using coupons to help get more bang for their buck. However, some retailers are changing their coupon rules, making it harder for New Yorkers who are trying to save money. First Walmart...now this!

Walmart Made A Major Change Customers In New York Hate

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Many consumers in New York who have used coupons to help combat rising food prices may be disappointed. Coupons In The News says that Walmart recently changed its coupon policy after leaving it untouched for six years. The policy change happened on September 24, 2023. The retailer says,

To help our customers save money and live better, we gladly accept valid paper manufacturer coupons issued by manufacturers of products that Walmart sells. These paper manufacturer coupons must scan at the register and must not be expired in accordance with the following guidelines.

One of the major changes is that Walmart will not give cash back or allow overages to apply to other items in the transaction if the coupon's discount is greater than the item. Customers are also no longer permitted to use more than four identical coupons per day. Coupons In the News says that one of the most significant changes is that there will be no more overrides. If a checkout scanner does not accept the coupon a manager will not override it.

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CVS Makes Change To Its Coupon Policy

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Coupons in the News reported that CVS previously would accept "gently expired" coupons, meaning coupons that had recently expired. Apparently, in September, the company ended its practice of allowing customers to use coupons that had expired within the past two weeks. Whether the expired coupons were allowed to slide by thanks to employees or a glitch in the system, CVS upgraded its system to stop the practice. According to Coupon with Star, CVS sent out the following memo:

In September, CVS implemented a system update aimed at enhancing the coupon validation process. This update brought real-time validation for printed manufacturer coupons, aligning the experiences for both digital and printed coupons with the existing coupon policy. As a continuation of this effort, CVS is now deploying an additional update to eliminate the grace period for printed CVS coupons, aiming to create a uniform experience consistent with the company's coupon policy.

CVS also plans to reduce the number of coupons it issues, according to Coupons in the News. It is moving from a weekly circular to a biweekly circular, effectively reducing the number of coupons it will provide to consumers.

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