If there is one thing about Buffalo, Western New York, and pretty much the entire state of New York, we love our sports.

We love our sports teams. And we love the jersey's from our favorite sports teams.

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Especially in Buffalo and New York City, it's not out of the ordinary to see people walking around wearing the uniform of their favorite team or player.

Whether it's the Bills, Yankees, Rangers, Mets, Bisons, Bandits, Knicks, Nets, Liberty, Sabres, or Islanders, you're all but guaranteed to see one of those teams roaming around the area.

It could be a throwback jersey sporting an old logo design or your favorite player from yesterday. Maybe it's an alternate color jersey that was released as a special edition. It could even be a mash-up jersey with a player from one Sport on another jersey, we love our teams and I am here for all of it.

However, with all of that fan love, there will always be that select few who take things just a tad too far. With the great power that comes from being a fan, there is also great responsibility to make sure you don't go to the dark side.

That dark side, and also a major red flag, is when people put their own name on a sports jersey.

Like, c'mon son, why would you do that? Not only are you misrepresenting yourself as a player, but you're also not giving credit to the real person who wears that jersey number.

I know you think it's pretty cool to have a customized jersey with your own name on it, but it's really not that cool. Please stop it, and get some help.

So, feel free to support your favorite team however you want, just don't be like me and get a custom jersey with your name on it.

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