Curren$y is usually known for his slick weed raps, but the New Orleans MC decides to speak on the issue of police relations in a new record called "Good Cop, Bad Cop."

He touches on the Alton Sterling shooting by Baton Rouge police, which occurred not too far from the rapper's hometown. Backed by a slow-moving, jazzy instrumental, Spitta raps, "Bout an hour up the road from my New Orleans blocks/But all around the world they heard them shots."

He continues, "I've seen folks fight police and get away with more/What was the use of that deadly force based on/Was it because he weighed more?/Was it the pressure from your job, you wish you were gettin' paid more?/I wish life was like a dry erase board/We could erase and draw pictures of happier days before."

Though the record veers from Curren$y's favorite subject matter, one can't help but notice that the track clocks in at four minutes and 20 seconds.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Curren$y's recent music video for "Rhymes Like Weight," in which he spits, "Smoke one for the mule, they arrested her/But they didn’t search the Celica/Unpaid traffic tickets, bitch slipping/Almost got popped with the audio dope shipment/Off the radar really but I’m still living/Stash it, spin it, candy paint it/Brush aluminum rimming, SportsCenter game giving/Court vision, I can lend it if you got enough money to rent it/Prize fighter, Sugar Ray Leonard."

You can listen to "Good Cop, Bad Cop" above via Spitta's SoundCloud account. Keep it locked to XXL for more music and news from Curren$y.

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